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Wedgwood Harlequin Cuckoo Tea Story 12.5Oz Teapot - Misc

Wedgwood Harlequin Cuckoo Tea Story 12.5oz Teapot

The Teapot is decorated with a design of Chinese flowers and birds, dating back to the early 19th Century and taking its inspiration from the fabulous Wedgwood archive pattern books...
Wedgwood Renaissance 2.1Pt Gold Teapot - Misc

Wedgwood Renaissance 2.1pt Gold Teapot

Wedgwood drew upon its considerable archive for this indulgent range. Steeped in authenticity while maintaining a modern, classic style. Combining elegant interior design motifs with the pure oval form of...
Wedgwood Arris Teapot - Misc

Wedgwood Arris Teapot

The Arris Collection represents the perfect fusion of craftsmanship and design for the contemporary living space, blending warm metallics, crystal and textural ceramics in a comprehensive, stylish collection of tableware,...
Wedgwood Butterfly Bloom Teapot 1L Multi - Misc

Wedgwood Butterfly Bloom Teapot 1L, Multi

Butterfly Bloom Teapot 1.0ltr
Wedgwood Harlequin Butterfly Bloom Ceramic Teapot - Misc

Wedgwood Harlequin Butterfly Bloom Ceramic Teapot

The Butterfly Bloom Teapot is inspired by patterns from the Wedgwood archives, are full of fun and frivolity.
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